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by amcordeau on 9 novembre 2014

I can relate to Thomas A.  Edison when he said:

I never did a day’s work I my life, it was all fun

Do you have fun writing great blog posts?

I am looking for an individual who has excellent English writing skills and has the capability to deliver 8 monthly articles that will in turn, be published on a number of business blogs.

The topics to be covered deals with risk management and executive security.  You do not need to be a subject matter expert, although, I would consider it a great value-add.  Minimally, you need to demonstrate your eagerness to learn and be committed to broaden your understanding of why risk management and executive protection are important in the business world.

The opportunity is straightforward

You bring your writing skills to the table, I acknowledge your competencies and I compensate for your work.  It’s a simple as that. You may ask – how much does it pay?  I would answer you – how much is it worth? I suggest we first see if our collaboration would make sense for both of us and if this project could be more fun than work.  I have no doubt that our passion and enthusiasm will generate the momentum to propel us to outstanding success.

Ideally, when I say:  Risk Management and executive security, you would be able to write, on the spot, a 600 to 1,000 word business article or so one or both of these issues.  In fact, you have so much knowledge and information to share that you would need ¨a moment¨ to organize and prioritize your editorial list.

Sounds like something that would interest you?

Then, I can’t wait to read your first article that you will be sending me about Risk Management or Executive Protection.  This is ¨free style¨, show me what you can do and, this will be considered your calling card.  While you are at it, send me your resume, or web link where I can read all about who you are.

One of my greatest mentors once said: ¨Be an opportunist that sees the gap. Fill it, and do it with class and creativity.

Thank you for your time and I am really looking forward to know more about you.


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