Crossing the T of Incident Management

by amcordeau on 5 décembre 2016

Value is an improvement to the corporation or business performance. Whether you are looking to improve revenue, increase cash flow, reduce costs, increase profitability and shareholder value or advance the corporate business initiatives; it is imperative that you get and keep enough of the right people consistently delivering down the line, from the receptionist up to the C-level executives.

The thing is, you just can’t ever get enough top performers working with you and for you. The challenge is to keep your top performers engaged and attract more of the same ¨breed¨.  There is more than one way to achieve this goal.

For example, you may decide to hire external specialists that will allow you to ingrain both short-term wins by supplementing your current employees. During high demand periods, it will ensure your corporation continues to delivery high quality services to its customers.

Ultimately, if you are looking for long-term results, you might want to review how your business is structured to work with your divisions, teams, employees and of course; your customers. Who is the best cost-effective resource to properly address each unique incident that happens? Who has the ability to properly gauge your exposure to risk, assess your client’s damages and the likelihood that this situation will resolve or degenerate?

Determining the priority of a customer service call is crucial to ensuring that a simple concern or question does not escalate to a major issue.  The capacity to react and adapt to each specific customer request is a decisive factor in minimizing your risk to exposure. A customer expressing his discontented concerning a rude employee does not have the same weight of responsibility as an injured customer wanting to start formal legal proceedings.

Do you have the qualified resource to assign to each specific matter?  In the same way, a customer that damaged his clothes on a merchandise hook does not involve the same amount of risk compared with a customer who has been sick after using one of your products.

The solution lies in flexible and decentralized structures that will generate maximum value. Having the right person handling the right channel is one way for business owners to maintain the expected level of quality and performance.

You may want to add a positional advantage to your current Incident Management processes. After all, crossing the T is common sense.

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