A Day in the Life: Incident Manager

by amcordeau on 28 novembre 2016

Incident Manager
Here we go! Another great week ahead.  I am ready to handle all of the incidents that come my way this week.

From the smallest cut on one’s finger to a wrist fracture. From Newfoundland to British Columbia, I will find out what happened exactly and will gather information on how our customers are doing today.

As Canadian shoppers are on the lookout for the best deals, in-store traffic continues to soar.  The weather is another reason behind the increasing number of incidents at this time of the year.

I am sure you will understand that I cannot share with you any actual cases that I have successfully settled or that I am currently investigating. My client prefers to remain ¨low profile¨ and this is exactly why I am ¨in the trenches¨, the first point of contact for shoppers that may have a concern about a situation that occurred in one of my customers’ store.

Our thorough investigation will uncover all of the facts and highlight the circumstances of the incident that occurred. The results obtained from our initial investigation will allow us to assess our liability exposure.

Unfortunately, sometimes, our customers do not have a positive experience in our stores.  We have compassion, empathy and sympathy. We understand that they had a difficult time, however, that does not necessarily mean that we are responsible for the unfortunate situation. The challenging part is dealing with clients that are in pain and may feel unsupported and alone.

¨The most difficult thing in any negotiation is making sure that you strip it of the emotion and deal with the facts.¨ Howard Baker.

In an attempt to avoid legal costs to the customer and to us, we prefer to settle matters as soon as possible and without the need for a lawyer.

No settlement is a ¨slam dunk¨. Consequently, I have to make sure that I find out all I can about the liability, damages, exposure and adapt my negotiation approach to the culture and mentality of the claimant.

Prospective thinking is a powerful negotiation tool.  When I look at the world thru the eyes of the customer. When I think of what he or she really wants, they are more likely to be open to negotiate. When you give people options, it lowers their defensiveness and are more likely to accept the offer.

A settlement today is better than a Statement of Claim to defend tomorrow, is it not?

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