Dash of Mess

by amcordeau on 10 novembre 2016

This morning, I woke up with so many ideas, so many things to do and so little time to accomplish them all.

This mess of ideas reminded me of what my friend Phil use to say: Where do we go, what do we do, and who do we do it with? ¨ He was full of enthusiasm and always on the move!

You see, a Dash of Mess is a good thing.  Sometimes, it is better to be all over the place than fully concentrated.  Sounds uncomfortable?  You are absolutely right! When we lose our reference points, our stability, we feel challenged and this is exactly when our creativity gets a boost.

In his presentation: ¨how frustration can make us more creative¨ Tim Hartford explains it quite eloquently.Mr. Hartford pointed out that:

¨We need to gain appreciation of the unexpected advantages of having to cope with a little mess.¨

He continues to say that in order to be more effective at problem solving you could add a Dash of Mess: add randomness early on in the process. Make crazy moves, try stupid things that you shouldn’t.  This approach will most certainly stimulate your creativity by making you better at problem solving.

I will give it a try, I will move away from the usual (and safe) road and go onto the road less travelled. Just because it sounds scary doesn’t mean it will not help me.  I will enjoy every step of the journey until I achieve my goals.  Then, I will not settle, I will continue to work harder and harder to achieving my dreams.

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