Incident Manager with a Purpose in Mind

by amcordeau on 19 octobre 2015

As you are well aware, it’s been a while since my last blog posting. Of course, you have noted that I have decided to address you in English. Why you may ask? For a number of reasons: Most of my customers do business in English.  I also would like for my blog to be referenced in English. Google SEO in English is good for business. If you are still reading this post, it means that you are comfortable with the English language – you are then my target audience.

People like to say that they are busy.  They feel important when they are busy, and they look good in the eyes of society. Everything is relative: busy without focus and without a purpose will only make you spin your wheels and accomplish nothing of value. I prefer being less busy and well organized which to me is the same face of a coin. When you are organized and you act with a purpose in mind, you are able to relax and focus on doing what needs to be done.  Simple isn’t it! When you apply this approach in your work life, there are not many situations that will throw you off balance and important stuff get done; they will not become stressful emergencies.

The most rigorous application of this method ensures your success.

I am a true believer of structured approach.  You see, I plan for my success, I get to work, I stick to it and I make the necessary adjustments on my path to success.  Last man (or woman) standing.  If you show-up, success will come.

I am busy (with a focus and a purpose in mind) managing incidents of my customers.  You may call them, events, circumstances or matters.  In any event, when ¨things¨ happens to you, to your employees, your customers, or your property: This is when I come into play and mitigate your risk.

You may wonder: how can I help you mitigate your risk? What can I do for you?

Why would you need my help – you have your own team, they know what to do right and most importantly they are doing it? If this is true, all the time and you are comfortable with your current exposure to risk; you don’t mind paying high litigation fees and your average settlement value of Claims is low: then you don’t need my help.  As a matter of fact, if all is well in your Incident Management word, I would like to have a chat with you and learn from your success.

You see, what my customers appreciate from my Incident Management Services is that I am experienced with liability and injury value assessment.  I have the necessary skills to assess risk and maximize the efficiency of dispute management. Other value-add I bring to the table are: my business acumen, my communication and negotiation skills. Simply put:  I settle matters before your legal fee escalates while minimizing the settlement value of your Claims.

All businesses recognize that litigation is a cost of doing business. What would we become without lawyers in our society? Legal problems can paralyze a company; seeking the advice of an attorney provides you with a good foundation for dealing with such problems as they inevitably arise.

My challenging question to you is: Are you able to calculate the point at which it makes economic sense to negotiate settlement rather that litigate?

The odds are most likely not simply because the majority of the Claims has a 30-70% settlement probability.

The key is: Do you have the ability to settle incidents, events and matters in a cost-effective manner? I can surely help you do just that!  I do it for other businesses similar to yours, let me show you how I can help you mitigate your risk and minimize your costs.

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