Compelling Event

by amcordeau on 27 octobre 2015

Over 30 years ago:

I was sitting in a sales training seminar.  Young, eager to learn and full of hopes and dreams, I listen to the sales coach teaching us how to sell.  It then hit me like a ton of brick:  I get this! This is what I want to do in my career.


I am still in sales of sorts.  Aren’t we all in sales?  We buy what others tell us or we sell them our opinion.  For this reason, I have entitled this article: Compelling Event; meaning that nothing will happen in your life unless there is a compelling event.  We instinctively know this, however, we sometimes forget to have this knowledge percolate up to our consciousness.

What I mean by consciousness is a compelling event is a very rational fact that needs to be analyzed and your sales strategy must be wrapped around it.  For example: Let’s say your prospect just signed a new Top 500 customer. He needs to ensure that he delivers what he has promised in his contract. It may be that there is a number of orders to fill in a pre-determine amount of time in any given around the globe.  If he fails to live up to this new million dollar contract, he may accrue a late-filing penalty, his reputation in the industry will be tarnished and, he will have an uphill battle to recover the trust of his new client.

Compelling Event

Contract Commitment: Ensure that the installations are delivered on schedule, consistently and efficiently over time.

To be successful in sales, the ¨planets needs to be aligned¨ unless there is a compelling event for your prospect to act on, you have zero chance in concluding a sale. Is there an opportunity?  Need, opportunity and compelling event are the same.  The opposite is Do Nothing.  The famous and most threatening competitor you will ever encounter in your career:  Mr. Do Nothing.  This ferocious adversary will show his teeth if you are unable to uncover a compelling event that needs to be addressed or fix.

Once you have uncovered your prospect’s needs and he has confirmed his urgency to act now; you may now continue with your opportunity assessment.  I’m only telling you this because you have so many hours in a day to focus on the right prospects. I don’t know how long our typical sales cycle is, I know one thing though, if you want to make quota this year (and the next years), you need to focus on the opportunities that have a chance of success. Michael Altshuler: ¨The bad news is time flies.  The good news is you’re the pilot.¨

Do you need help uncovering your prospect’s compelling events? Would you agree that a comprehensive sales plan is a smart strategy that will give you insights and help you focus on the right opportunities?  Let me know. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any point.

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